What will replace the vacated Aurora facilities?

Aurora Health Care announced last week that the clinic portion of its new medical center in Summit will open this fall, months ahead of schedule.

The Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic will open October 26 and will leave a gaping hole in the city’s southside business districts, including the current Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic at 915 Summit Ave.

But that’s not all.

Oh no, you get three, three, three vacant buildings on Oconomowoc’s main drag for the cost of one local hospital. The Town of Summit’s megahospital also will replace the Aurora Wilkinson Women’s Center and the Aurora Vision Center, both currently in Oconomowoc. Sweet time to be shopping for mixed use retail and service districts in Oconomowoc, ehy? Sweet time, indeed.

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  1. Tiffany Says:

    Nice…nothing like vacant buildings to add charm to the city! ;-)

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