For Sale:

June 30th, 2009

Due to geographic challenges, will be put up for sale.

2XL Networks, the parent company of is moving, and will no longer have an office in Oconomowoc, so we are looking for an interested party to take over the site. is Oconomowoc’s longest running blog, and it could be all yours! In the right hands, it could be a profitable venture, or… a showcase for a budding reporter in the Oconomowoc area…

Interested parties should contact for details…

Best. Cabbage Farm Ever.

June 19th, 2009

A "kenning" is a linguistic device wherein an author uses an overly complicated noun instead of a simple one for semantic effect. Like when one calls the sun a "sky candle," or when one calls the Pabst Farms Town Center "ye olde cabbage garden of broken dreams and bitter disappointments."

What will replace the vacated Aurora facilities?

June 11th, 2009

Aurora Health Care announced last week that the clinic portion of its new medical center in Summit will open this fall, months ahead of schedule.

The Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic will open October 26 and will leave a gaping hole in the city’s southside business districts, including the current Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic at 915 Summit Ave.

But that’s not all.

Oh no, you get three, three, three vacant buildings on Oconomowoc’s main drag for the cost of one local hospital. The Town of Summit’s megahospital also will replace the Aurora Wilkinson Women’s Center and the Aurora Vision Center, both currently in Oconomowoc. Sweet time to be shopping for mixed use retail and service districts in Oconomowoc, ehy? Sweet time, indeed.

A Tree, A Hospital, A Question

June 7th, 2009

A Tree, A Hospital, A Question

There’s a nice looking tree, the only thing ruining it is the new hospital in the background. I mean, we do need hospitals, but I’m still not sure we need this one. I mean, the one two miles down the road seems fine, but what do I know, I just take photos of trees…

Do we need another hospital? It’s a question… and it’s been answered, though probably not by you, and if it was answered by you, chances are, no one listened.

Sadness! Enterprise moving out of Oconomowoc; its now or never for the game to change

May 29th, 2009

We’re not posting this out of a sick sense of glee; we’re genuinely sad that the Oconomowoc Enterprise is moving out of Oconomowoc.  The message was on the front page of the May 28th Oconomowoc Enterprise. We’d offer you a link or a scan, but, you know, they don’t have a link or a scan online. More on that in a second.

Citing “the economy” and “the competitiveness of the printing industry”, the Enterprise announced that on June 15, they’re leaving our fair city.

One of those changes includes moving the staff of the Oconomowoc Enterprise from … Oconomowoc to the Freeman building … (in) Waukesha. (Volume 121, No. 44)

We’ll curtail discussions about “an industries failure to adapt to a changing marketplace out of a desperate attempt by the managers and middle managers to ride out the old model until they retire” out of respect for the good people whose lives have been disrupted by this foolish decision of the Freeman’s Executive Committee. We have first hand experience with trying to be the Newspaper of Record for a community from afar. It’s hard. We’re not sure it can be done. And we know it can’t be done with the half-hearted attempts at interactivity that the Enterprise has employed on the Internet. 

Since our days as the captain at the helm of the Enterprise’s cross-town rival, we’ve learned to appreciate that which made the Enterprise special. Many of those things are uneffected by the Enterprise’s move out of town. But without a local interface with the people of Oconomowoc, the Enterprise is going to need to try harder to be accessible. The World Wide Web is exactly the –right- tool for that. I only hope that the folks at the Conley Publishing Group (the Enterprise’s publisher) figure that out before its too late. 

A Reading by Michael Perry

May 24th, 2009

Photo by Andi Stempniak

Wisconsin author Michael Perry came to Oconomowoc to do a reading at the Oconomowoc Arts Center Little Theater. (Thanks to Books & Company)

The aptly named “Little Theater” was pretty packed as Michael read from his books, told some stories, cracked wise, and tried to avoid crying a few times. (Hey, a guy gets choked up, even if he’s a tough firefighting, chicken-raising, truck-fixing nurse…)

Truth be told I’ve not read any of Perry’s books, but his stories were pretty entertaining and he was quite engaging in his story telling. After the reading he stuck around to sign books and what not, and there was quite a line of people wanting to get a signature, or just say hello. A great turnout for this Wisconsin author…

If you wanna check out Michael Perry, he’s got a web site over at, and he even uses that weird Twitter thing the kids are all ga-ga about. Follow him at: @SneezingCow

Downtown Revival?

May 24th, 2009

Our pals at Living Lake Country tell us that the Downtown Oconomowoc renewal is evident and hey, there is even this new web site at to prove it. (And hey, right now on May 24th, 2009 there is a great big graphic promoting the May 1st (2009) Gallery Night event…)

While we love to see the “energy” around the idea of Downtown Oconomowoc, it’s a little harder to see if when you are actually there. Sure, there are new businesses opening (Splash Martini Bar, nice… “Allen Executive Search” uhhh?) but some of the staff of have started taking nightly walks downtown, and even on a Saturday night, it’s often dead. Not many people (except in the bars I guess) and lots of shops businesses that close early in the evening. We’ve got a long way to go to be anything like a vibrant city like Madison, where there are always people out on the street, and there’s a real energy in the air.

Hey, don’t worry, we’re not all down and out, we just want to be able to walk downtown and actually feel it, and not just have a feeling that the downtown shops are desperately trying to make it seem like there is energy…

The Internet finally comes to Oconomowoc! Gun sales may be offered online

May 22nd, 2009 point you to the following story in the Jentinel, wherein it is reported that a collector of antique guns is looking to open a online-gunshop in his town of Oconomowoc home.

Without entering into the always heated discussion about gun control in America, we simply will say this: This is why we try to limit our time in the Town Of Oconomowoc.

Seriously? A home based gun dealership in the town of O? Town of O people don’t lock their doors while they sleep.

(Photo Illustration by tread and used under Creative Commons Terms)

George Jefferson

May 10th, 2009

George Jefferson

Wow, I never thought I’d see George Jefferson in Oconomowoc!

(Sadly, this joke make be lost on younger viewers…)

Bimbo Bakeries

May 6th, 2009

Remember when we told you thank Brownberry was being sold to Mexican bakery giant Grupo Bimbo?

Well, they did it…

Bimbo Bakeries